Monday, October 3, 2011

Selecting a MIDI Device With Unimidi

There are a couple of recent changes to how MIDI devices can be selected with Unimidi.

Prompting the User

The first is the addition of a handy console prompt that asks the user to select a device and waits for input.  The code looks like this

require "unimidi"

@input = UniMIDI::Input.gets

on my computer, this results in

Select a MIDI input
1) IAC Device
2) Roland UM-2 (1)
3) Roland UM-2 (2)

Note that when the user makes a selection, the device is returned enabled so you don't need to call on it.

Hard Coded

There's also been some changes to how hard coded selection can be done. As with the user prompt, now you can select and open a device at one fell swoop. Here's a couple of examples which both open the same output. (Device#use and Device#open are the same)

@output =
@output = UniMIDI::Output.use(:first)
And of course, you can select and open the device separately if you wish
@input = UniMIDI::Input.all[0].open
@input =

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